Friday, January 21, 2011

A short break...

To my readers (if there are any)...
Let me explain my purpose of having this blog, so that everyone can understand that it is not just about reviewing what I've learnt from LAK11.

If you noticed so far, I copied all my reviews and put them in here, merely for some reasons:
1. To remind me about my own thoughts, so that it's easier for me to catch up when I need to at later stage.
2. Surprisingly, it could be useful for writing analysis in my own research paper - it happened before, especially reviews on articles read. I don't have to re-read and rethink of how to review anymore, but merely 'pick and lay'.
3. To show how I can 'connect' to the topics with my own experiences, with hope that others (i.e. readers) could learn something from it.
4. To bookmark important sources and points of my understanding, of course, and for backtrack purposes.
5. For my own 'learning analysis', if not analytics. ;D

Once I have a blog to share my thoughts in this topic, hopefully it's a long lasting one, with many more shares on LAK to update after the course ends.

All the best to us in LAK11!! ;D
- Shazz @ LAK
21 Jan 2011

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