Friday, January 21, 2011

Falling for SNAPP

Only when I read Dave's blog ( that I realised, "What? We supposed to use SNAPP this week?" Now, how did I miss that? ;D

Let me share with you what I've discovered from using SNAPP before I post another to answer George's questions...

I had the first try on one of the discussion topic started by George in Week 2, which I joined. As per my understanding, I need to go into a topic that I've contributed. So the first result is as follows:

The second try on SNAPP is on the Week 2 main list of discussion topics. I've hovered the mouse on my 'node', showing details on my 'data':

I got quite excited that I wanted to try on the Week 1 list of topics, since it has more responses from members of our MOOC. By this time, I hardly can see my node even though I had more than 2 posts in that week:

I saw a link from SNAPP to NetDraw, and statement saying that we can export the data in VNA format into NetDraw application. So I downloaded NetDraw to install it, copied the text format in SNAPP into a notepad file and save it as a *.vna file, and open the *.vna file in NetDraw application to get this result:

Believe it or not, I shouted "Yippee!!" when I saw the *.vna file really gives the graphical view like the one in SNAPP, just by opening the 'text' file! ;D Interesting!

Amazing at technology, amazing at discovery made,
- Shazz @ LAK
21 Jan 2011

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