Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extracting the gist - Learning Analytics in Corporate Sector

Let me digest some points from the discussion that is going on in LAK11 MOOC this week. My review is yet to come, maybe tomorrow.

I like the points clearly outlined by Adam Weisblatt on this topic:
- Corporate training rarely has grades, but performance reviews and business outcomes. [KPI, as Tanya Elias mentioned.]
- Analytics is most important for decision making at the senior level.
- Prediction would be most helpful in creating development plans.
- Corporations are interested in the value of social media but they want to be able to track the advantage of its use because they pay for it in one way or another.

Skimming through the rest of the discussion thread, it makes me wonder how easy academicians wander out of topic (slightly) and back into the realm of education... as they started talking about grades, accreditations, and such, that they think corporate world should have certain standard for. To me, it's not at all about grades - because grades also mean that the person (or graduate) may or may not be practically useful at work. Well, long list of that from where it's coming from!

I love this part, since "lifelong learning" is also the 'aim' and mission of my organisation (private university in Kuala Lumpur):
"In the UK, the term ‘Lifelong Learning’ is applied to any learning that is undertaken after leaving formal education. In theory online corporate training would fall into this category but, to me, it does not fit well due to the simplistic methods used (in order to assure assessment) and because it does not address the acquisition of the ability and skills needed to apply the knowledge. Lifelong learning is more about knowledge based upon experience (both one’s own and that of colleagues) and therefore bound up with skills and ability. The trick is, understanding how to capture this lifelong learning in a way that is meaningful to employers (current and future). I am hoping that learning analytics may supply some of the answers." (Peter Condon, 15 Jan 2011)

Let me rest my case for a while,
- Shazz @ LAK
19 Jan 2011

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