Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comment on Sheila's Blog

One of the recommended feedbacks/reviews by our facilitator is a blog post by Sheila:

I didn't really read through her post yet, but I understand from Mark's comment that one of the points mentioned by Sheila was about getting herself adapted to MOOC - which is what everyone is experiencing even though we're already in the end of Week 2! Well, welcome to the club! ;D

So here's my comment (which is at this moment, still in waiting line for approval by Sheila):

I agree with Mark. It's quite tough in the beginning, because of the 'panic' of not really knowing what we need to know in order to follow the topics... But thanks to previous experience in following George's teaching in 2008, I'm more confident in 'leaving behind' some of the texts/articles recommended to read in the study weeks.

In fact, I find it more comfortable reading others' reviews on the texts, and then go into the texts to 'understand the gist' myself and compare it with the reviews. At least some of the main ideas are already covered by the reviews, so we don't really miss much if we skim through and spot other points that interests us.

One thing for sure, what our eyes spot as interest might be a different angle of understanding compared to others. Interesting! ;D (even though it sounds like we tend to get lost too. LOL)

- Shazz, Kuala Lumpur

Sincerely, a learner,
- Shazz @ LAK
20 Jan 2011

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    Thanks for your comment and I have approved it now and added a comment.