Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review on Goldstein (2005)

I just skimmed through Goldstein's (2005) article as suggested for LAK11. Honestly, this is the second time I've skimmed through, without really concentrating on the details the author is trying to point out. Check out the article at:

Overall, Goldstein has very good findings from real-case examples, and some are related to the findings I would like to have in my own action research. The only problem is the access to this. I believe this is more related and will interest researchers on education management instead of small lecturer like me, since the academic analytics can allow the researchers to view the overall statistics that concern more on students activities, marks, registrations, administrative aspects, and such.

The author has clear outline of what to do in researches such as this, and this can be applied to any case scenario (even if it's not higher learning institution) with further customisation of needs properly defined.

Hope to have clearer mind after few more readings,
- Shazz @ LAK
15 Jan 2011

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